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Agency Name: Strawberry Girls


Phone: 7540 689 793

E-mail: Use Website Contact Form

Price Range: exactly GBP 110 / hou. Agency positions itself as the one offering inexpensive escorts.

Areas Covered: Not Specified

Booking: By Phone, on-line booking form

Website Load Time (Average): 1.08 sec

Cons: GBP 110 per hour is not much, but cheap escorts of London are available online who offer their services for lower than that. In-call availability and detailed description of girls (particularly the new ones) is not presented on the website itself.

Pros: Hi-quality photos with no or few watermarks, easy website navigation and quick pages load time.

One of the youngest and sexiest escorts for Strawberry Girls agency is Jenny, 22 34C:

Jenny, 22 of Strawberry Girls agencyJenny, available for GBP 110 / hour in London

Summary: If you’re wanting a night out you’ll never forget but would rather wake up without dreading your bank balance, Watford is the place for you. On the outskirts of London it still has the buzz of the country’s capital but without the expensive price tag. Although known for its wild nightlife, it had been some time since I’d witnessed a beautiful girl around town. The nights soon became rather depressing and lonely. I was no longer interested in pulling a girl for the sake of it. I wanted to be left feeling infatuated by a lady’s beauty, I wanted the feeling of desire. A sparkling diamond is rare but you just need to know where to look for it.

It was time to add a touch of class to the city myself. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. That’s why I decided to check out the cheap Watford escorts. You can find out every intricate detail, from eye colour to bust size, to dress size. A generous amount of photographs are available but justice is never done until you meet them in the flesh. I was left asking myself, where do they hide? Why haven’t I seen these beautiful girls before? Watford now had hope after I witnessed these hidden gems. To have the choice of selecting your dream girl from what I must say is a rather talented gallery, you are truly spoilt for choice. I fancied myself a mysterious, dark, tanned brunette with green eyes. I am fascinated by green-eyed girls and luckily for me there was more than one to chose from. I wanted the companionship of a woman with no strings attached.

Watford has a numerous selection of bars and restaurants but I knew the perfect place for that evening. I felt nervous at first, but as soon as I met my lovely lady from Strawberry Girls she put those nerves at ease and the conversation didn’t stop flowing, nor did the wine. I walked through the streets burning with desire, this girl was something special and I have never felt more proud to have such a beautiful girl on my arm. I now know what the receptionists meant when they told me she would be turning heads. I felt like a celebrity and every other man looked at me, green with envy. Arranging our evening couldn’t have been easier and the receptionists were very precise with what I requested. It was a very stress-free process. I don’t think I can now go out in Watford on the weekend and not look out for her, she was captivating and I know it won’t be long until I book to see her again.

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