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Agency name: Elit Escort Izmir
Website: Not Available since November, 2014
Phone: 0539 730 94 04
Email: [email protected]
Locations Range: The agency offers female escorts in the following districts of the city: Konak, Karsiyaka, Buca, Bornova, Balcova, Cigli, Gaziemir, Guzelbahce, Narlidere, Bayrakli, Karabaglar. Escorts of Izmir are also available outside the city for the nearest adjacent locations. Tours to other cities are subject to personal requests and quotes.
Girls Types: Many of the girls one may find on the pages of the agency are originating from Eastern Europe: that is from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova.
Booking: Featured female escorts come with their direct phone numbers available to take calls and reply smses.
Cons: Agency website comes in the Turkish language only. Google translator is having a hard time translating the contact into the English language.
Pros: Photos of the girls of quite discreet and of god quality, which is an important factor for many escort hunters. Direct phone numbers of escorts is something few agencies are allowing – certainly brings in less fees and time spent talking to the intermediates.
Overage Load time: n/a
One of the sexiest escorts of the is Melis, 24, available at 0537 869 06 56:

Escort of Izmir Melis, 24 Top Izmir Escorts

Summary: Getting an escort with a well-designed English-language directory covering multiple countries means seeing outdated profiles as usually, paying extra fees and rarely getting direct contact details. With websites like you get the other benefits: lowers costs, direct phone numbers of escorts and a wider selection of girls.

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